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Electric golf carts for use on public roads

Invest-Mobile is the licence-holder in the Benelux and Germany for your fuel efficient electric golf carts Garia, iMob and Club Car. Just look at the charisma and the functional / practical possibilities of your new fuel efficient electric mini car. Ideal for urban use!

driving electronically

public road

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A pioneer in the Benelux and Germany in the area of alternative and electric vehicles. We continue the trend of environmental awareness, climate heating and saving energy.

We import the vehicles into our assembly plant and we provide each vehicle with lighting, safety seat belts, etc., so you can make use of the public road in a safe way (and according to legal regulations). Without any additional costs! Invest-Mobile is the only supplier who provides your original Club Car defaultly (ex works) with these essential modifications.

Invest-Mobile does not only think further, we also think with you. Do you have special desires? For example, would you like to have some additional cargo storage to transport materials or products? We look for solutions and modify your future electric vehicle where necessary.


Trendy electric vehicles are ideal for daily use in your commuter traffic (short distances) for you as an environmentally aware consumer. The original Club Car (golf car) and trendy iMob as an alternative means of transport for short distances.


For you as a responsible entrepreneur who has an eye for durability and who also looks after the costs. No high fuel costs (fuel efficient), silent, comfortable and practical in use and it is safe in traffic. The mini cars (voiturettes) of Invest-Mobile comply with the legislation and rules of the Benelux and Germany for public road use.

Driving electronically starts today with Invest-Mobile!

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