Garia golfcarts

This electric golf cart is suitable for use on public roads throughout Europe and all foreign license plates are available in large and small sizes. Their electric golf cart is a unique combination of design, quality and passion. It is also fundamentally different to traditional electric golf carts like Club Car and represents a paradigm shift in the industry as it is made through a visionary innovation and development process.

Invest Mobile

The sporty and dynamic look of the electric Garia and its license plate challenges current golf cart conventions and only simple changes to the contours of the vehicle have a dramatic overall effect, putting the Garia in a league of its own. With Invest-Mobile and Garia you can expect a unique combination of luxury details.

Quality and craftsmanship using only the best European components from companies that specialise in LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) vehicles.

  • golf carts for driving on the golf course
  • golf carts for use on public roads
  • driving electronically

Garia Mansory

The Garia Mansory Currus was designed in close collaboration with Mansory, the car customiser famous for customising luxury super cars such as Bentley, Bugatti, and Ferrari.

Unique and unlimited customisation by Invest-Mobile gives a personal touch to your Garia with unique luxury and our unlimited Garia Mansory accessories.

In your world of personalised houses, cars, motor yachts and your lifestyle in general, the Garia is the missing link and is also in Knokke-Heist.

This electric golf cart is street legal in Europe for use on public roads as a Quad and the license is mandatory. The vehicle can reach speeds up to 60 km/hrs. Wearing a helmet is mandatory.

The Garia Mansory Currus, of which only 7 will be manufactured and available for sale, comes with signature Mansory luxury features such as dashboard in genuine leather, custom seat, and carbon fibre rear body and many other details.

Considering the high value of the vehicle, it can also be insured. The insurance premium for this luxury golf cart is 400 Euros per year.

Naturally, our people at ‘Invest-Mobile’ will gladly help you realise your dream.

4-seater with roof 2 + 2

The team behind the Garia has givenmeticulousattention to its design and detail. The innovative team consists of highly trained engineers and designers who have transformed the conservative golf cart into the Monaco 2 + 2 version for use on public roads. This Garia, which Invest-Mobile sells, also has a cooler and heated windows. On request, we can also install a luxury blanket that is integrated into the vehicle.

The Monaco contains unique features, e.g. a 58 litre storage room, seatbelts in the front and back and a sun roof that can be opened and closed. This ‘whisper-quiet cart’,as this vehicle is called in the Netherlands, is sometimes also called an LSV (Low Speed Vehicle). Registration varies per country despite Europe’s economic union.

In the Netherlands, a license plate has to be applied for at the RDW (Dutch Road Transport Directorate) and in Belgium, this vehicle must be registered with the DIV (Belgian Road-vehicle Registration Directorate).Many different colours can be ordered andthe golf cart must be driven on roads. Please feel free to make an appointment for a test drive. We will be happy to assist.

Garia Roadster 2 + 2

The new Garia Roadster 2 + 2 available for Golf and for use on public roads. The Garia Roadster 4 + 2 is the only electric golf cart in the world that is approved in Europe for use on public roads.

The driver has to be 18 years of age and have a valid driving license. If the vehicle is only intended for golf, it may only be used on enclosed sites. The EU street legal Garia Monaco features a number of additional upgrades from the Garia Mansory Accessory Program, including custom pearl paint and brown leather sports seats. The 2 mirrors in the electric vehicle are also vibration resistant to help you see clearly.

The Garia Monaco Roadster 2 + 2 can be fitted with the optional Performance Pack * which includes lithium batteries and a top speed of 60 km/h. You can also visit the Garia website and discover the many possibilities for these luxury vehicles.

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